How it works for gyms


wod-passport-lock-upBenefits for you

  1. Fill your classes, make more $$!  This is a great way for you to promote your gym to a bigger audience and fill up classes without any additional costs.
  2.  No admin for you or your trainers!  We provide a waiver form to the CrossFitters before they get to the box and payment is all sorted so your coaches can keep coaching, rather than handling paperwork and payments.
  3.  No cost to you!  There are no fees for you to be listed on WODPassport. You set the pricing and we simply add a small booking fee.


How does it work?

  1. Travelling athletes/CrossFitters search for CrossFit boxes, and submit a class booking request and their details (name/contact details, affiliate, injuries, CrossFit experience) pay for the class and accept the gym waiver.  Booking requests can only be submitted not less than 48 hours before a class. 
  2. WODPassport emails you to notify you of an athlete’s Booking Request including athlete details.
  3. You have 4 business hours to reject the Booking Request. If you can’t fill the request (e.g. the class is full) you must notify us by email to within this timeframe. The athlete will receive an automated response, explaining the class is full and that their booking has been cancelled, together with a refund. This saves you valuable time in responding to e-mails and Facebook messages, requesting to attend your class if you are fully booked.
  4. Athlete comes in, shows a confirmation page to you on their mobile device and joins your class.
  5. WODPassport pays you monthly for all bookings processed via its website.


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